"As much a part of her show as the music itself, Carey’s wry and often self-mocking humor makes audiences feel as though they have just spent an  evening with a very close friend..."


Edie has performed hundreds of house concerts across the US, Canada and Europe. If you'd like to inquire about hosting a show, please email us here. If you feel intimidated about hosting alone, simply team up with fellow music-loving friends to multiply the potential audience, or open it to Edie's fans in your area. The house concert fee is a $600 minimum guarantee vs. 100% of the $20/25 ticket sales (whichever is highest). So if you gather 30 folks at $20 per guest (or 24 folks at $25 per guest), her performance fee is already covered. Most hosts do a potluck to make the food part easy. A home concert with all your favorite people in your own living room or backyard is a truly engaging, connected experience, and Edie is a master at cultivating that connection through her humor, warmth and heart-opening songs. Please write us for more information.
Thank you.

photo by Tim Carey

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